Tobias Frei is a motion designer from Munich, Germany and now lives in Cologne. After his graduation and the following civil service, he began in 2011 to study at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg and graduated in 2015, after that he started a diploma study in the field of motion design at the renowned Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. He graduated here 2018.
2019 he spent a Year Abroad in Sydney, Australia to Gain Experience in the international Animation industry.

Parallel to this, he started his career as a Freelancer in 2013 to finance his studies. Since then he has worked for well-known agencies and studios including Jung von Matt, LeBerg, FischerAppelt, KMS Blackspace, Atelier Berg and Jangled Nerves. In addition, since 2015 he has been a regular freelancer at Kurzgesagt, which grew into the largest German YouTube Channel in 2018 and whose animated films reached over half a billion people. He has realized projects for numerous international customers, including Audi, Google, Merck and ThyssenKrupp. Since 2017, he has increasingly taken on the role of an Art Director in order to survey projects and to let them influence by his own style. At the beginning of 2019 he directed the festival trailer for the Max Ophüls Film Prize. He spent the rest of the year in Sydney and worked with studios like MightyNice to gain experience abroad. His style is defined by minimal form, buttery but also complex motion and the use of a large scale of software tools. Tobias is a 3D generalist and senior 2D motion designer with strong focus on shape layer animation in After Effects.