Concept, Illustration, Creative & Art Direction - Atelier Grand Berg
Animation - Tobias Frei
MUSIC & SoundDESIGN - German Wahnsinn
VOICE OVer - Nele Larsen

Rendered by Tobias Frei

Illustrated by Jan Berg

In the center of the spot is the Primon app icon, which transforms into a voice-controlled character. the sound bars are controlled by the amplitude of the voice-over and the movements of the eyes are based on a rig (Joysticks'n'Sliders).

This is a glimpse into the future, in which the app is to be further developed with features like speech recognition. ​​​​​​​

Illustrated by Jan Berg

SOME OF THE PROXIES (Single Elements), that where Pre-rendered For The Final Composition. Animated & Rendered by Tobias Frei​​​​​​​