Unterhaltungsfernsehen Ehrenfeld reached out to me to produce the new show opener for ZDF Magazin Royale with their team. Since I watch and love the show, I felt honored to help out. My shot was the playful "comedy" world, starting after the Big Bang and ending seamlessly with a close up rotation to Jan's face. What I particularly liked about the project was that I was responsible for the entire shot, from styleframe to compositing. 

Creative Producer: Constantin Timm

Creative Direction / Lead 3D Artist: Svenja Voß
3D Artist: Tobias Frei
Camera & Keying: Christine Wetzel
Camera tracking: Matthias Barkley | Harvest
2D Animator: Lorenz Kiefer

HR Management: Melanie Ott
Produktionsleitung: Susi Engelmann

Produced @ Unterhaltungsfernsehen Ehrenfeld
Early Styleframes & Look development
Animation Previews
Compositing of Shot 02