Titlesequence "Elja"

The title sequence opens the film and tells on the audio level the historical context as well as the prehistory of the people from the protagonist "Elja". The look should therefore be a gloomy dream sequence. Over the time span the ink drops form concrete images, that show more complex structures and demonstrate their dichotomy. Illustrations are brought to life by camera movement and construction. 

Art Direction & Motion Design - Tobias Frei
Illustration - Tobias Pinegger
Director - Willi Kubica
Music - Meike Katrin Stein

At first the director developed the script for the voice-over. On the base of this, we developed several storyboard versions in constant consultation with the film team. When a final version was taken, the illustrator Tobias Pinegger began to illustrate.

After the final acceptance of the illustration, we printed it on paper. I drew the silhouettes out on a light table with a wet brush. We dripped black ink with a pipette into the water surface. The ink filled the invisible contours, we filmed this process from a tripod. In the digital post-production, pipette and unintended shadows were removed. In addition, the color profile was precisely adapted to the shape of the illustration. Layering and additional 3D renderings of ink drops resulted in the composition.

Take a look at our final storyboard version. In the final production still some things changed.

The base for the poster design was a photo shot by Tobias Pinegger during Elja's filming.
The style of the title sequence is picked up again. The analogoue Elja logo is used as in the opening credits. The simple font Gotham Narrow is always used for all paragraphs and credits.