The task was to create an opener and a logo animation. Both should work as an intro for video tutorials, as well as an opener for presentations. It was important for the client to find key visuals for the various business areas and to place them in a 15 second spot. The design basis was only a twenty-year-old CD manual.


I wanted to design the whole appearance in the style of a user interface for CAD programs. That's why I chose the combination of 2D graphics with luminance 3D elements. Motion blur, depth of field and antialiasing were completely omitted. To get another visual element, I chose to build objects using their outlines (blueprints). The color palette of the corporate design has been extended by further grayscale and a contrasting color (cyan).



Concept, Storyboard, Design, Modeling and Animation by Tobias Frei.
Contact person (client): Karina Frei
Sound design and sound supervisor Jan Brett.